Soft, herbal sauna
with coloured light therapy
The soft, herbal sauna is particularly popular with our guests:
It is the gentle alternative to the hot, dry Finnish sauna.
An especially gentle, tranquil and non-irritating climate prevails in the
soft, herbal sauna, conveying a feeling of well-being and ideal for relaxing in.
The temperature in this sauna is 60°C in a relative humidity of 40% which
creates an extremely warm and pleasant atmosphere. After about 15 minutes
the sauna will promote profuse sweating which is necessary for purification
of the body.
This effect is pleasantly strengthened by adding fresh fragrances. This type
of sauna is particularly recommendable for people who find the conventional
sauna too taxing. The length of time spent in the sauna depends on your own
comfort level.
Extra benefits: outdoor views – a lot of glass – exceptional architecture –
a spacious ambience – coloured light therapy.
The effects of the soft, herbal sauna
► relaxation and a feeling of well-being
► strengthens the immune system and circulation
► stimulates the metabolism
► has a positive effect on the respiratory tract
► increases the quality of life






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