Infrared cabin
with coloured light therapy


Infrared heat radiation penetrates deep into the body tissues, detoxifies
the body and generates a gentle heat. It is a mild type of sauna and the
soothing warmth that gently penetrates the skin works wonders for a large
number of complaints. It activates the body’s own natural healing process,
stimulates the metabolism and increases tissue elasticity and joint mobility.
Body and mind are brought into balance and you will feel strong and fit so
that you can handle the demands of everyday life.
Extra benefits: outdoor views – exceptional architecture – coloured light therapy.
Effects of the infrared cabin
► relaxation of body and mind
► sweating without putting stress or strain on the cardiovascular system
► improves the body’s own natural healing process
► makes the skin smooth and soft
► eases tension
► length of time spent relaxing in the infrared cabin: 20 – 30 minutes










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