Brine steam bath
with a fragrant herbal aroma


The brine steam bath has both relaxing and therapeutic qualities.

It is a pleasant sweat bath and the perfect place to relax in.

The hot steam has a healthy and beneficial effect on the respiratory
tract, the blood circulation and the skin. Adding brine enhances and
intensifies the positive effects. The temperature in this steam bath is
45°C, which creates a pleasant and gentle atmosphere, and the
fragrances are fresh and stimulating. The brine, which makes your
skin smooth, can be added as desired.
Effects of the brine steam bath
► has a vitalising effect on the body
► promotes and enhances the feeling of relaxation and well-being
► makes the skin smooth and soft
cleanses the respiratory tract
► relaxes tense muscles
► length of time spent relaxing in the brine steam bath: 15 – 20 minutes








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