Outdoor alpine sauna
with mountain views


Our alpine sauna does justice to its name:
It was constructed with great attention to detail and it emulates a
real alpine hut which makes for a special sauna experience. What could
possibly be more beautiful than gazing at the mountains during a sauna
session and then cooling down in the fresh air afterwards.
The temperature in the alpine sauna is about 90°C, the warming-up phase
takes 12 – 15 minutes and is completed with the sauna being infused with
a pleasant fragrance. Afterwards either cool down in the fresh air, or, in winter,
in the snow.
Extra benefits: mountain views – cooling down in either marvellous fresh air or snow after a sauna session.
The effects of the alpine sauna
► physical relaxation (relaxes muscles)
► strengthens the cardiovascular system
► stimulates the metabolism and kidney function
► ideal aid for recovery after a training session or work-out or other sporting activity
► it leaves the skin feeling smooth and beautiful
















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